Important Dates

Set up your Artist Account & Register                       Wednesday 1 August 2021 onwards

Opening date for Initial Submissions                         Saturday 4 September 2021

Closing date for Submissions                                    Midnight 27 September 2021

Paintings to be delivered to AGRA                            no longer applicable

 Hanging of Paintings                                                no longer applicable

Judging                                                                      Tuesday 5 October 2021

Awards Ceremony                                                     Saturday 9 October 2021 1-4pm

34th Annual Exhibition open to public at AGRA        no longer applicable

34th Annual Exhibition open online on Gallery247     9 - 24 October 2021

Collection of unsold Paintings at AGRA                     no longer applicable

Please take note of dates as these will be strictly applied

Lyn Mellady - Autumn Ripples from our 33rd Annual Exhibition