Prizes & Awards

  • Best in Show

  • Best in Show Runner Up

There will be a ‘Best of’ awarded for the following categories. In addition, paintings in these categories will be eligible to be selected for 10 Highly Commended Awards
  • Category A : Landscape (includes Cityscapes)

  • Category B: Waterscape (paintings dominated by water in any setting eg. sea, river, lake, pool)

  • Category C: Portrait / Figurative

  • Category D: Still Life / Floral / Interior

  • Category E: Animal/Wildlife

  • Category F: Abstract/ Non-representational

  • PSVA Award - open to artists who have not previously won a major award at a PSVA exhibition

  • Margaret Lourey Award - open to artists who have not won an award at any exhibition

  • Ming Mackay Award- people’s choice (voted for during the Exhibition), awarded at the December 2020 PSVA Monthly Meeting  

  • President's Choice

No painting shall win more than one award, excluding the Ming Mackay Award

Heather Peberdy - Coco in Sunlight from our 33rd Annual Exhibition